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Gladstone Building and Pest / Pool Inspections

Thermal Imaging Gladstone

Thermal imaging  is a non-destructive defect testing technique that can pinpoint moisture, electrical and energy efficiency issues in homes and buildings.

Gladstone Building and Pest / Pool Inspections use a Thermal Imaging Camera as a supplementary tool for our building and pest inspections. Infrared thermography is the quickest and most definitive way to detect moisture which is highly condusive to termites, moisture to walls, ceilings / rear of showers, energy losses and electrical issues in your home. Thermal camera investigations are non-destructive and can provide you with valuable information on a variety of structural issues.

Moisture Meter

  • A Moisture Meter measures differential moisture levels in building walls without any need for physical penetration and damage.

  • Easily identify potential termite risk areas by the concentrated presence of moisture.

  • Easily and accurately identify the difference in moisture levels on most surfaces, including wood, drywall, roofing, plaster, brick, concrete, etc.

  • Specially designed padding ensures no marks occur on the tested surface areas when scanning for moisture.


Use of the Moisture Meter

When termites attack timber, they bring moisture into the wood that they are attacking, and hence this causes discolouration. So be very alert for discoloured timbers.

We will use a Moisture Meter to check the walls. Termites must live and work in very high humidity and so we find that the use of a Moisture Meter in various situations is helpful.

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