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Gladstone Building and Pest / Pool Inspections

Building Inspections Gladstone

A building inspection report will provide a description of the property and report on any structural damage and any conditions which if not addressed may cause structural damage in the future. The inspector will also list all general defects to the property.

The inspection will include the use of professional tools which include a thermal imaging camera and moisture meters both of these tools are crucial when detecting current moisture in walls, ceilings and leaks to showers.


Gladstone Building and Pest/Pool Inspections have no time limits on inspections, no hidden charges and no surprises. We will perform a professional and thorough inspection.


You're always invited to attend and talk to Andrew Howard the Building Inspector on site.  We also deliver a comprehensive and Australian Standards compliant report including colour photos the same day of the inspection so you don’t have to wait.


We also provide phone support after the inspection where you can talk to Andrew Howard the Building Inspector about any concerns that you may have.

Reasons to have a Building Inspection

Thermal Imaging Camera
Moisture Meter

Call us 

0427 724 433 or 

email us to book your inspection.

The Building Inspection Report Cost will Cover

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  • To receive an unbiased professional report on the condition of the property

  • To avoid the purchase of a property that has major structural defects

  • Be Informed, knowing what you are buying and any potential unforeseen costs that could arise/may affect your decision to purchase

  • Building Inspection Reports - and Pest Inspection Reports assist in understanding any potential unforeseen costs involved in your prospective property.

  • Assist in the budgeting for any repairs that may be required

  • A Building Inspection Report will highlight major problems with the property and suggest referral to a building/engineering specialist which, without the report may not have considered.

  • Ensuring that your building is safe from fall/fire hazards

  • Exterior of the building structure including verandahs

  • Subfloor

  • Roof Surface

  • Fencing, paths, driveways and retaining walls

  • Garage, carport, garden sheds etc.

  • Interior of the property

  • Roof Void

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